Category: Portland Neighborhoods Project

  • No. 8 – Overlook

    The emotions of childhood are like the great floods that create canyons and ravines; future flows of water and ice will shape the geography, but it’s major features have been set. Please check out my newest photo set on VSCO. Photos taken in the Overlook neighborhood of NE/North Portland.

  • Neighborhoods update

    I spent about 4 hours last Friday walking around Goose Hollow, and I’m very pleased with how the photo set came out. Check out my page at VSCO to see the photos and the past neighborhoods in the project.

  • 1. Mill Park

    1. Mill Park

    Cars in Mill Park seem a little sleepy. Oh sure they race down 122nd Avenue or Stark Street, but they also lounge on streets with their hoods open, or nap in the tall grass in front yards. There are lots of churches in Mill Park. From open doors you can hear Slavic and Spanish worship…