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  • gr(eat)

    I never get tired of the highbrow/lowbrow debate. There’s a long article in the Chronicle of Higher Education on (according to the writer, Michael Clune) a reluctance for humanities scholars to engage in critical evaluation (as opposed to interpretation). This eschewal of hierarchy appears eminently progressive. Who am I to say that one book is…

  • Collideoscope

    Wednesday I’ve had so many days recently that were hard because work was hard, that they’re boring to write about and boring to read about and I’ve come to think of them in my head as Schmuck Days. Wednesday was a Schmuck Day. On Wednesday evening, however, I had a great experience. I was relaxing,…

  • Kick-ass Posters from Postwar Japan

    If you’re interested at all in graphic design, or just like cool images, check out this cool collection of posters for industrial exhibitions in postwar Japan.