Draw a straight line and follow it.

La Monte Young, Compositions 1960 #10
I was a child who loved beauty, music, all of the stories in the world, and walking through the looking glass into the realm of the spiritual and the imaginative. I have grown up, in good ways, I hope, but I am still essentially that same person and I’m still on the same quest.
I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2008 start a degree in music at Reed College. I finished that in 2013. Since then, I have had a couple jobs, learned some thing about myself, and have always tried to keep a creative practice going.
If you would like to explore my work:
I write here (not as often as I would like). I create photojournals on VSCO.  I am on Mastodon <a rel=”me” href=””>@mtthwkrl</a> and stoke instagram envy @mtthwkrl. If you would like to hear what I’ve been listening to, find me on Spotify.

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