LOST: Day One

“Pilot: Parts 1&2” “Tabula Rasa” “Walkabout” “White Rabbit” “House of the Rising Sun”
Some collected thoughts (not intended to be a summary or recap):
-The motif of the eye is everywhere. I miss those cues in the later seasons.
-Super nice tracking shot of Jack in the opening minutes of the pilot. It’s easy to see why this was the most expensive pilot ever made, and that the executive who gave it the green light was fired for it.
-On the other hand, I hate Jack so much!
-Boone! I miss Boone. He can’t really be straight if the only person that he had sex with was his sister right?
-Why does the only Hispanic character have to be dumb and fat?
-Claire’s prosthetic belly looks ridiculous.
-It’s amazing that they kept suspense with the monster for so long.
-The flashbacks were a nice format for the show.
-I had forgotten that Charlie was once a cool character.
-Matt Parkman!
-Do Kate’s armpits grow hairy later in the show?
-“Was it a dinosaur?” “No.” “Then, you saw it?” “No.” “Then how do you know that it wasn’t a dinosaur?” “Becuase dinosaurs are extinct.” Great exchange.
-The show gets a lot more subtle with the use of music.
-Christian Shepard = great character.
-I must have missed “Walkabout” the first time around
More to follow!

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  1. “Walkabout” was the hook for me. When the camera pulls out and reveals Locke in the wheelchair, and then they cut to the scene from the beginning of the episode of him standing up after the crash and suddenly it’s taken on a whole new meaning… damn.

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