LOST: Day Three

Episodes 9-19
Oh, man. I miss this stretch of Lost. This is where the supernatural mindfuck of the show comes in. I remember discovering the crazy power of the numbers again. I was worried that the show wouldn’t stand up to a rewatch, but now I am on board and begging for more once again.
Although the death of Boone pains me more so the second time around. I don’t know if I will be able to get through the Mr. Eko episode (my single favorite episode of the whole series).
A couple of foreshadowings. In the episode “Raised By Another,” the psychic makes references to dire consequences if Baby Aaron is not raised by Claire. I wonder if they kept that in mind when they scripted seasons 4 and beyond. Also, in “Numbers,” Leonard (the man that Hurley gets the numbers from) mentions opening the box. I wonder if that was a glib reference to Pandora’s Box, or if that has something to do with Ben Linus’ box. Finally, Christian Shepard is everywhere this season. I am glad that they don’t ignore that precedent later.
Also, this run includes episodes that I watched late last night, don’t worry, I didn’t watch 10 episodes today.

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