LOST Tidbits

The season premiere reminded me of a couple of things that I found while browsing the World Wide Web.
1. The top 5 conservative characters on LOST
A slightly tongue in cheek article about why LOST should be Karl Rove’s favorite show. An exerpt:

2. Locke: John Locke is the most mystical character on TV. He’s constantly insisting that the Island has brought him there for a reason – and that there’s a grand scheme underlying everything. He believes in miracles – and after surviving an eight-story fall, regaining the use of his legs, and healing after being shot through the abdomen, he has a point. He’s explicitly labeled a “Man of Faith,” as opposed to Jack Shephard’s “Man of Reason.” And he’s proved right, time and again. John’s also a tough guy. He signed up for a wilderness hike while he was paralyzed. He slaughters boar in his spare time. He stares down smoke monsters. He teaches ten-year-olds how to throw knives. His motto: “Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do.” As opposed to the liberal motto: “Please Give Me Your Money.” So think of him as Rick Warren meets Bear Gryllis.

2. This two part interview of Naveen Andrews would never air on American television.

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