LOST Recap: The Little Prince

The Little Prince is one of the most maddening type of LOST episodes; it has some amazing revalations and new information, and clearly is setting up plotlines for future episodes, but has zero rewatch value and leaves you with vague feeling like you’ve been strung along for nothing. That said, there are some great surprises:

The Nosebleeds
There has been rampant speculation that Charlotte’s nosebleeds are the result of island heritage. For a while it seemed like Miles might be suffering from the same problem for the same reason. This still might be the case, but because Juliet is experiencing timesickness, I don’t think that it’s that easy.
Jin/The French
If you have been reading my blog, you read a post where I linked to an interview with the Lost writers. They mentioned how Daniel Dae Kim was still a season regular, and to “take from that what [we] want.” Well, I certainly expected Jin in flashback or hallucinations, but did not see his rescue coming. Of course, like every big reveal, it now makes sense that it would be the only thing that would send Sun back to the island.
I am really glad that we can see more of Rousseau in the show. I thought that the way that she was thrown aside in the fourth season was a little unsatisfying.
As I am writing this, I realize that nothing really happened. This summary is probably not worth the webspace. Comment if you disagree.

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