LOST Season Begins

“What’s amazing is how fickle your political affiliation… I’m a lifelong Democrat, but when I heard they were considering February 2, I was like, ‘That motherf–ker!’” – Damon Lindelof at LOST press tour, via Sepinwall.

The LOST season premiere is scheduled for February 2, which means that this is the beginning of LOST-crazy season for me. All winter I’ve tried to keep it as far away from my thoughts, but now that rumors are flying around, producers are giving interviews, and promos are beginning to show, I’ll be growing more and more obsessed with the show until the final episode of the season (and, this time, the series). It’s super lame and probably unhealthy, but I live for the new episodes on Wednesdays; I feel much more alive and goal-oriented during LOST season. It actually helps me concentrate on school.

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