'Meh'st Week Ever – February 1

1. A Small World
Once again proving that I am not a part of the social elite, I had never known of the existence of A Small World, a jet set/social elite version of Facebook before Wikipedia browsing. Apparently, it is an invitation only service (and you have to be recommended by 10 existing members before gaining access to the holy of holies) that caters to wealthy socialites centered in London, New York and Paris. They moniter your credit rating, actions on the site, and social capital.
2. Segmented Sleep
Also from Wikipedia, this is apparently the way that people slept before artificial illumination. Basically, workers would be too tired after a long day of work to do anything but eat and sleep. So they woke before dawn for what we would consider leisure activities (and, according to Wikipedia, lovemaking) before going back to sleep before work. Maybe my sleep schedule isn’t as weird as I think it is.
3. Best Sculpture Ever.

A monument to the shoe thrown at President Bush.
A monument to the shoe thrown at President Bush.

4. Drunken Anderson Cooper after January 20th
The same for Diane Sawyer here.

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  1. “Here’s a hint: it was the Jonas Brothers”
    I am a huge AC fan, so much so that I walked all of 10 blocks to meet him, no big deal.

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