'Meh'st Week Ever – February 15th, 2009

Sorry for the infrequent posting. I kind of fell off the wagon this last week in many respects, but at least this came with the benefit of completely killing my blog traffic! Thanks to anyone who keeps reading after the great post desert of ’09. Anyway, here’s what I found on the internet.
1. High School.
For politicians:

Jimmy Carter is watching you poop!
Jimmy Carter is watching you poop!

and celebrities:
A preview of douche to come!
A preview of douche to come!

2. The single most emo and simultaneously proto-yuppie website evar!
From their description:

This is a blog developed by two friends who thought they had it all. Yet, when alone, with the lights turned off, when everything was quiet- both felt a void.
These two friends wondered: “Is this it?” Both saw a world of conflict, of deteriorating personal relationships, and of youth lost in the rat race, in jobs they hated, sticking it out to buy ever fancier possessions.
Neither is an expert, but drawing from personal experience and research, both writers share their insight, and blog about the conflict and turmoil that they see as they go about their everyday lives; this in an attempt to create greater self-awareness and hopefully a little bit more joy in the world.
To conclude, a statement from the founders Harvard England & Taz Barron:
“We should all be so lucky as to recapture the joy and happiness we had as children, to once again find our smiles…“

3. F**ck My Life

Speaks for itself:

Today, I was volunteering at a nursing home and I was calling bingo numbers. And one woman stood up and started making noises, I asusmed she had won and I started clapping. She then fell on the floor and died of a heart attack. I essentially applauded her death. FML

4. The Midwest is messed up.

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