'Meh'st Week Ever – Coming Home Edition

This one’s going to be quick and dirty… I’ve got a ton of linx.
1. Stupid Misogynistic Preachers

Second, they are commanded to shut up concerning the Administration of the Church. Usually when I start dealing with the business of leadership in the church most pastor’s bow their heads. Why? Because Pastor’s all across this this land are allowing woman to hold positions that they have no right to hold. It makes me sick to watch a woman stand on a platform and lead a choir with men in it, or even worse to see a woman lead the whole congregation! Singing is an important part of the worship service. This office is not a calling, but it should be led by a man with leadership ability. .

Many Baptist churches have even put women on their pulpit committees. Can you imagine going to a church in view of a call and having a woman asking you questions concerning your doctrinal stand? Someone needs to tell them to sit down and shut up!

More fun here.
2.The bestest, Frenchest, gayest public service ad evar!
3. Opera and PBR!
There’s a really cool series out of Montana that combines the atmosphere of a intimate pub with high-quality classical vocal shows. Probably going to crash and burn like most such idealistic outreach programs. Details here.
4. The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. …

… is fucking awesome. More photos via A Tribe Called Next.


6. The most hilarious phonesex ad since that one 30 Rock episode.
7. The Awkwardest Family Photo

Context here.
8. Tom from Myspace…
… was once a computer hacker known as “Lord Flathead.”
9.  Images that look Photoshopped, but aren’t.
10. Why America is fucked (graphically at least).
In related news, nothing frustrates me more on a daily basis than WordPress’ refusal to allow embedded media players.
11.  My governor.
I showed this to a couple of my friends, and their only response was to ask, “How does this exist?” I’m actually surprised that this didn’t come up during the election. More governator dumbassery here.

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  1. It’s nice to have some context for the family photo. Also, the rest of things were awesome. We miss you here in ye olde Portlandia.

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