MWE – Last Day of May

An Exploration in Parts


1. rex-1Cool surrealism.
2. A graphic list of photos that changed the world. It’s a little scattershot and shallow, but fine for poking around a little.e
3. The photos that took down Hitler.
4. Cool work from Paul Sika.


5. [youtube=]
More rabid anti-porn fun here.
More bad commercials here.
7. A website that has movies summarized in four frames. It’s a little fun to guess.


8. Marking the vernacular history of the Lower East Side.
9. Dutch high school furniture.
10. A design case study. Super interesting.


11. If you have a love for logic, like I do, and an even deeper and abiding love for crazy, then dig into this argument on Conservapedia about whether humor predates Christ.
12. Fun from Wasila. No, Sarah Palin didn’t write it (I know, right?).

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