Some Bullshit

Now, I’m as nostalgic for old crappy shit as anybody else, but this article from the Telegraph that breathlessly reports on the coming resurgence of cassette tapes is among the top ten most wrong things that have ever been egregiously false. The article charges that: “Demand for blank audio cassettes has soared as music fans return to the analogue sound of the C60 and C90 tape for listening to tracks, nostalgi[c] for the richer sound of cassette tapes.” Obviously whoever wrote that has never listened to a cassette tape. Analogue ≠ Crappy. Then there is some more bullshit about people looking for high quality blank tapes, and an interview with the editor of Hi-Fi World magazine. If you follow the link, the magazine looks a little bullshit, and I cannot imagine someone who considers himself an expert on high quality audio to go near a cassette tape. Finally, it wraps up with some saccharine, nostalgia bullshit about how mixtapes were the best! and that iPods suck. They might, but not for those reasons, and certainly not compared to cassettes. That’s some bullshit.

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  1. That hipster tag got me all excited, however, I think we all know that by the time something is being blogged about it is no longer actually alt. Perhaps you should predict the upcoming move back to 8track or even SACD for those people really pushing the boundaries of non-conformity.
    I like the redesign.

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