Dispatches from an aesthetic reality:

These stories make me happy.
Part One:
In which a shopkeeper gets angry with the crowd of urban youths who hang out in front of his convenience store. The shopkeeper decides to drive them away by blasting Classical orchestral music from loudspeakers in his parking lot.
The youths were not about to give up so easily. They decide to stick around, just to give the old man a hard time. But, the more time they spend outside the shop, the more familiar they become with the music. In time, the man’s plan backfires. They come to the shop to listen to the music.
Part Two:
In which a turning point comes for an imported foreign cuisine comes to the United States as it stops being an exotic novelty. Native-born chefs take their cuisine and both bring it back to its traditional roots and expand it in a way that is uniquely American.
Part Three:
In which the Israeli readers of a newspaper discover that a thermometer isn’t the only way to describe the temperature.

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