MWE – The Very Late Edition

Let’s get to it. Welcome to my two StumbleUpon visitors.*
1. I normally despise anything overtly “cute;” I almost killed myself last year when everybody on my hall was preoccupied with a live webcam of a litter of Japanese puppies. Nevertheless, I was delighted with this story about Moko the dolphin saving a couple of stranded whales. Of course, the reason I found that story was through this more recent story about Moko almost drowning a swimmer, but sometimes that’s the way things go with cute things.
2. I get a little self concious about my height. I would really love to be 6’1,” but really I’m 6′ and .75 inches. So you can forgive me about being obsessed with the idea that Americans need to do better in the height wars. Here’s a good story about it from The New Yorker.
3. [youtube=]
I love Auto-Tune the News oh so very much. Here’s a brief interview with the mastermind behind the project.
5. Another article about whales.
6. 7.  Stick with me on this one, I promise the payoff is good. I was reading this Onion A/V Club article about Jay Leno, and they linked to this website. It’s the website of California Cryobank, a sperm bank that offers the sperm of celebrity look-alikes. It’s deeply disturbing, and I highly reccomend looking around the website to see how horrifying it is.
8. This is a great photo.

9. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas seems like the perfect inspiration for a challange-based board game. I especially like the challenge to go to a grocery store, buy a coconut, and smash it open with a hammer, all while deeply high (oxymoron?) on various mind altering drugs.
*While looking at those traffic statistics, I stumbled upon SU’s “campaigns,” which, in case you didn’t know, is where you pay SU to direct traffic to your site based on the demographics and categories you choose. Which struck me simultaneously as a brilliant business concept and deeply sleazy.

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