I’ve been way too busy to update this blog. But here are some links that have been cluttering up my bookmarks:
1. “Even a Radiohead fan can appreciate Mozart”
I wish I could like this Boston Globe op-ed by Harvard sophomore Matt Aucoin. I really like the idea that younger people should be more receptive to the idea of attending classical music concerts, and not feel intimidated by the… old.
But I don’t know what it is that rubs me the wrong way. It might be the smarmy, self-congratulary tone. It might be the lame joke about Twitter and NYC Prep. It could be the headline (which I will admit Aucoin almost certainly had nothing to do with): Radiohead is actually fairly sophisticated pop music. A better lede would be “even a Lady GaGa fan can appreciate Mozart.”
2. This arrangement of “How Great Thou Art”
3. The Biggest Baby You’ve Ever Seen

A 19.2 pound baby. Story here.
4. How a boner helped this man make $15,000.

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