I, Ombudsman

When I decided to maintain a personal weblog, I envisioned a space where I could post about things that I like, a place where I could publish thoughts that I would have to stand behind. Basically, what I wanted was a place to hone my writing skills and perhaps find an audience for my thoughts about things that I am interested in.
I have always been wary of the intersection between life and the internet, so I didn’t (and don’t) want this to be a personal journal, but it’s probably true that the majority of the people who regularly read this blog (and there are very few) probably know me in the meatspace. The fact is, whenever I pass on links or videos or things of that nature, there are a hundred other blogs doing the same thing better.
So, I’m looking for direction. I’ll be continuing to blog, but if you want to leave a comment, or send me an e-mail at meilar@gmail.com about what you’d like to see, I would appreciate the input.
I’ve made a few changes here. I’ve got a new header. Considering how recently I’ve started to play the organ, a picture of the pedalboard as the header is perhaps presumptuous, but I got tired of the canned header.
I got rid of all traces of the disastrous and annoying ‘LOLspeak Mondays’ (hopefully the last time I wholesale delete anything, but I was just embarrased by the whole thing) and I think I’m going to begin posting listening notes from the Minimalism class I’m taking this semester. It’s all good music, and some of it is lost in the arcana of those who study it.
It goes without saying (or maybe it doesn’t) that I am super busy with schoolwork at all times, but I also plan on resuming a more regular posting schedule. I will also take this opportunity to plug my RSS reader, Newsfire (OSX only, sorry). It’s clean, functional and makes it easy to group feeds.
Matthew Eilar

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