An abundance of cuteness.

Three items from my RSS feed:
1. Bacon Cheese turtle from

It’ a turtle made from a few pounds of ground beef wrapped in bacon with sausages for legs, head and tail.
2. Pictures of the Dali Lama being “sassy” (according to BuzzFeed).

3. A crowd of old ladies from a retirement home walk into a biker bar…

The bikers gave the women club hats, and spent time chatting them up, flirting and even dancing.

“One of our residents, Katie, just turned 97, and she got up with her walker and shook her booty,” Kaplan said. “She shook it good.”

The one thing the women didn’t get a chance to do was ride on a motorcycle, because it was too cold.

But that’s coming.

LAMA and A.B.A.T.E. members made plans to come by the residence center in the spring and take the ladies for a ride.

“I want to be the first one on the bike,” said 90-year-old Scheltes.

They may ride straight back to Evil Olive.

“Man, those ladies were an awesome bunch,” Boland said. “Everyone was so into it that we’re thinking about arranging another party for them soon.”

From NBC Chicago.

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