Friday's Concert

While I’m glad to be done with my recital, it means that I have to start composing in earnest. Although I don’t feel like I have time to sit back and enjoy my success, it went really well.
I got a surprise when I looked at the program and saw that I was playing my solo organ pieces before singing. I am much more comfortable singing than I am playing the organ, and I was worried that if I froze up at the organ or if it didn’t go well, I wouldn’t be able to sing well.
I was nervous and shaky during the first half of the A section of the Little Prelude in C Major. Thankfully, that’s the part that I can play in my sleep, so I had time to tell myself to relax. It’s also nice that that section has a full stop and repeat, so I was able to play the repeat at a slower, more manageable tempo. I was disappointed that I had trouble with the transition from the A to B section, which has never been a problem before, but at least the final pedal cadence was flawless.
I hit a couple wrong notes during the Clérambault duo, but I was pretty happy with it. It’s tricky because the lines move fast, and there are few chords to hide mistakes.
Because those things went well, the Handel aria went well.

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