Two days until Concert Night!

All of the projects that I’ve been working on for the semester come to fruition this weekend. This afternoon, Friday the 23, there will be a workshop featuring original music by Reed’s composition class (for those in PDX, it’s 4pm at the Reed College chapel). We had a rehearsal on Wednesday night that went really well, although it was a little embarrassing to be constantly clarifying that, yes, that is a typo or uhhh, let me think about what tempo this is. The string quartet members are all pro’s (and good people that want to help us) but I definitely felt like I was wasting their time (bad).
At 7:30pm this Sunday at Reed’s Kaul auditorium is the big choral and orchestral concert. I’m singing with the two school choirs, and have an oratorio solo in Haydn’s The Seasons. I’ve been working hard on this music, and I’m going to be happy to have the concert over.
After Sunday, I’ll have a lot more time to blog (yes!) and listen to music (more yes!).

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