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Noel Murray has an essay up at the A.V. Club about coming around to Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell. In the course of the essay, he drops this tidbit:

This is one of the joys of The Wikipedia Age: finding unexpected facets to an artifact of popular culture that had previously seemed to be completely catalogued and encased. During this year’s Tony Awards, for example, Paul Shaffer introduced a performance of his song “It’s Raining Men” from The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, and talked a little about his own early days on Broadway. I’ve long known that Shaffer co-wrote The Weather Girls’ disco classic, and I’ve long known that he was one of the many future stars who cut his teeth on the Canadian production of Steven Schwartz’s Godspell. But when Shaffer mentioned on the Tonys that he’d worked with Schwartz on Broadway in ’74, I went to Wikipedia and learned about The Magic Show, the breakthrough stage vehicle for beloved ’70s magician Doug Henning, which originated in Toronto as Spellbound, a show produced by Ivan Reitman, with a book by David Cronenberg and a score by Howard Shore. (The production reportedly changed dramatically once Schwartz got involved.) It’s like “Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon,” remade not as a party game but as a way of seeing formerly remote entertainers as enthusiastic artists trying to make the most of their shot in the spotlight.

How crazy does this project sound, on the basis of personnel alone?

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