fairly unquiet day, very hard to keep my mind in the right worldtrack.
spent a lot of today poking around discussion forums for reed alumni and students, and reading 1,200+ comments about trigger warnings and the proper use thereof. reedies: ideas rich, empathy poor. including the students. it was a little bewildering, and made me glad to be of that tribe and also away from the campfire. like how a lot of people feel about their families.
it was the first day back at work with kids in the building. there’s something very humbling about feeling jealous of a ten year old child because they got an ipad for christmas. third graders were losing their shit at the whole concept of two truths and a lie, though. they have no idea what’s coming to them when they hit never have i ever territory.
when i got home, i couldn’t focus on anything to do except manically sort out books that I’d like to get rid of/sell back to powell’s. It feels like time to winnow down. i kind of wish I had spent my time reading though.
i cheated last night and had a cigarette & spent the day wheezing. on the other hand, i ran out of the nicotine gum and haven’t missed it, so maybe its a wash.

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