yesterday was a little bit of an oddball.
i got a lot of expressions of concern about my illness, which felt a little bit unearned because I honestly didn’t think I was feeling that bad until the nighttime asthma attack. nevertheless, it felt nice to be loved.
it was a beautiful false spring day, come way too early. when it cools down again, I’m going to be super sad, and if the winter lingers or its a cold spring i’m going to go crazy.
i got to go outside for a playground hour with the kids because it was so nice and warm and dry out. it felt really nice to be outside and get some sun again. later in the day, i got to run my first session of lego challenges inspired by the LEGO Quest blog. The boys were already going to love the legos, but add some time pressure and creative constraints and it made the time go by quickly.
i had my session with my brilliant therapist. we started with not going to the doctor and how I felt about that, which made for a pretty emotional and downer of a session. that’s ok, it’s what they’re for, but it felt a little downbeat after what was actually two really awesome weeks.
when I got home i had a few beers and relaxed to Lana del Rey’s Ultraviolence. I’ve been a fan of the record ever since coming across the musical craziness that is “West Coast:”

It’s slow and slinky, and (unbelievably) slows down even more for the chorus. It’s got a druggy, sinister, Doors/Byrds vibe to it that is addicting to me, and has such personality. I was listening to it last night, and had never noticed the small spanish she splashes into it: he’s crazy y cubano como yo, my love. for whatever reason, that made me want to figure the song out, and so I spent a little time figuring out the chords. the chorus sits nice in my voice, but the verse is in a really wide range.
i finished the day off with the latest episode of Top Chef, which I’m crazy about this season. i am so excited for a black man to have a shot at maybe winning top chef, that each elimination my heart is in my throat, and sometimes I skip to the end of the episode because its too uncomfortable to not know. it’s crazytown, I know.

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