Sunday morning I woke up refreshed from falling asleep sober at 12:30am on a Saturday (wouldn’t reccomend). The day looked beautiful, and I put on some shorts and a sleeveless tee and drove over to Ste. Honore Bakery, where I had arranged to meet my friend Ned Nickerson and her boyfriend, Nancy Drew. Ste. Honore has my favorite croissant in Portland (please let me know if there’s one better somewhere else). After coffee and pastries, we went over to Forest Park, and walked through the trees for a couple of hours. It was lovely and beautiful, I love their company and they seem to draw out my best self.
I had made plans to go see the Italian fashion exhibit at the Portland Art Museum with Luke Skywalker, but that fell through, and we ended up just patio drinking for the afternoon. I went home, did a bunch of housework, then fell asleep.

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