I saw TV on the Radio at Project Pabst this weekend
I saw TV on the Radio at Project Pabst this weekend

Monday brought one of those Oh shit, what time is it? mornings. I had one of the most start-to-finish full days on Saturday than I’ve had in ages, and Sunday brought a lot of connection and clear thinking and Bojack Horseman, so maybe a great night’s sleep was not in the cards.
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Roxane Gay has a new cooking post up on her Tumblr. I am always amazed at her grace, her intimate chattiness in these posts and wish that I could write like her and skip between registers with her sprightliness.
On the whole, work was not terrible. I spent most of the day feeling a little bit unappreciated because this is the week when I feel like I’m working a lot harder than others at my workplace, but that’s only sort of true and not really worth getting too worked up over. I had delicious pork roast leftovers for lunch.
When I got home, I showed Luke the music video that I’m quite taken with right now:

I really love this new trend in production of using very choppy, percussive, square samples of dense textures. A couple of other songs that I like a lot that do this are A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s “In Love With Useless”

and SOHN’s “The Wheel”

For whatever reason, that is the sound of cool to me right now.
In the evening, I completed a friend’s half-invitation to watch the 1980 movie 9 to 5. I’ve been listening to a new podcast called The Sewers of Paris about gay and camp culture classics, so it seemed like a good time to watch (Jane Fonda! Dolly Parton!)

It was weirder than I thought it would be. THC trip. Bizarrely long dream sequences. Harsh to modern ears usage of the word “bitch” and “girl”—not that it was any less awful in 1980.
Dolly was great. Lily Tomlin is so funny and now I can’t wait for the next season of Grace and Frankie. Jane Fonda is fine, but gets lost in the old lady/divorcee housewife clothes and accessories they give her.
As we were driving to my house, I opened up to my friend that I’m thinking of applying to a job in Madison, Wisconsin. That feeling in my stomach of excitement and fear is as true north an emotional compass as I possess, and I’m trying to sort out how much of what I’m feeling right now is me trying to make it real for myself and how much of it is me working out some feelings of being stuck and frustrated.
Either way, it feels good to have a sense of possibilities again.

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