One of my least favorite feelings is that the whole day has gone by without me doing anything at all. It’s Friday evening, and I honestly cannot remember a single thing from before I got back home on Wednesday evening.
So it goes.
When I got home, I was filled with some energy and spontaneously asked my roommates if they wanted to come out to a bar with me. Natalie said no, but Luke was game. I was excited, because we hadn’t hung out like that for a while. After eating dinner, we went out to Dot’s and had a grand time, complete with a long meandering discussion on what it means to work, what kind of lifestyle to aspire to, relationships, love, gossip about other people, family. We drove home afterward content in the other’s company.


I was going to have to work all day on Sunday, so I took Thursday as a flex day. I offered Luke a ride to work, and woke her up from oversleep to get there. After dropping her off, I had a mini weekend day, starting with my coffee and bagel at Spielmans. I made a kickass playlist and read more Dharma Bums. (I might give that up soon).
After breakfast, I went home and did housework naked and then took a shower and prepared food for dinner. I watched some of Pink Narcissus, a bonkers 1971 gay experimental film that’s somewhere in between a fantastical phantasmagoric third-world musical and a jerk off video. Basically, an art director for magazine photography would take these sets for photo shoots and off the books pay rent boys to touch themselves erotically while he filmed it. It’s a lot more visually cool than tawdry, but it’s also plenty tawdry.
I fell asleep for a nap, and when I woke up, Natalie was deep into preparations for a Bonfire Night party. We didn’t end up having a bonfire, but we did have meat and watched V for Vendetta and got pleasingly drunk.

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