Tuesday's Top Tune – Kiss the Sky

Without going into too much detail, often my epiphanies and, er, bodily functions come at the same time.
I don’t know what it is about the bathroom, possibly the soothing white noise of the industrial fan, the sterile surroundings, or maybe it is just the solitude, but often I get caught up in my own thoughts. I tend to use the single handicapped bathroom, as I am somewhat poo shy (a condition which usually happens only in women, according to Jezebel).
A couple of days ago upon my porcelain throne, I was hit with a flash of a song I used to listen to. I couldn’t remember anything about it. I just remembered that the artist had an Asian name, but that he was Canadian. That wasn’t really a lot to go upon, but I googled around until I found it. It turns out that the song was “Kiss the Sky” off of the album Voices and Choices by Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra.
And it turns out to be rather good. I really like songs in this vein; like others by artists like Cee-Lo and TV on the Radio, they incorporate elements of classic soul songs and techniques while looking forward, rather than back. They resemble the oldies in spirit far more than the cold stylings of modern R&B divas that all wanted to be Aretha.
When I started this feature, I thought I would be writing long analyses of the songs. As I become more regular about blogging, I realize that I can just let the songs speak for themselves. Here it is:

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