B.o.B. The Adventures of Bobby Ray

  • B.o.B  B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray Atlantic Records, April 27, 2010
  • This album is for: People who like the Kanye dominated style of pop/hip-hop/rap. People at a party looking to have a good time. People who want unobtrusive upbeat anthems for driving around with. Christian youth group leaders who want to show that they listen to cool music too (clean version only).
  • This album is not for: People who dislike rap and hip-hop’s assimilation into the pop machine. People looking for more challenging music than a feel-good sing-along. Anybody who hates any of the numerous guest stars on the album.
  • Key tracks: “Airplanes”  “The Kids”

Ignore the album cover, ignore the guest producers, ignore the guest artists. This is a big, shiny pop record. There’s still a big studio sound that marks big budget productions, and it’s here in abundance. This is an album built of hooks, and all of them are catchy as fuck.
I’m not saying any of this as if it’s a bad thing. There’s a place for these albums: upbeat, polished, and scientifically engineered to make you have a good time listening to it.

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