The Smiles – Hermosa EP

  • The Smiles Hermosa EP. Self-released, May 28, 2010
  • This album is for: someone on the lookout for driving music, or a pick-me-up. Fans of the nü-Surf movement found in bands like Animal Collective, Fleet Foxes and Beach House.
  • This album is not for: People that like a little bite to their music. People looking for anything downtempo. Those who hate California (Oregonians, Coloradans).
  • Standout tracks: “Sun” “I Could Love You More”

The 6 song Hermosa EP represents a major step forward for the young Southern California-based band The Smiles. The song titles and album cover point to sun, the beach, summer, and a good time, and the band is firmly rooted in the classic sound of Southern California: Dick Dale, The Beach Boys, and their latter-day adherents Beach House, Fleet Foxes, and Animal Collective.
The EP is available to preview and stream from Bandcamp.

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