Thoughts about this week’s LOST off the top of my head after the jump:

Was Keamy the guy that Jin had to take the watch to?
Will we see more of the Widmore/Pak Industries involvement?
On that note, remember when Widmore was a thing?
Has any character been as criminally underused by the show as Jin? Maybe Naomi. Or Abbadon. Goddamnit.
I thought that the way that they did the reveal about Nadia was really well done.
I was waiting for either Claire or Kate to die. I was disappointed.
Claire has been past the point of redemption for me since season 1. It’s absurd that she’s still around.
Terry O’Quinn has a spring in his step. Locke has such menace in his eyes now.
I really liked Dogen. He’s a season regular, I hope he’s still around in the alternate timeline.
I still feel like they are dicking around. There’s not that many episodes left.

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