John Waters – This Filthy World

  • This Filthy World (2007) With: John Waters. Directed by Jeff Garlin.
  • This movie is for: Lovers of filth, people who enjoy a good yarn, fans of Waters’ films. Those who love bad films, and those who hate film clubs that show Star Wars.
  • This movie is not for: People who are squeamish, people who don’t like profanity or frank discussions of piss, shit, and come, those who know Waters only from Hairspray.

A couple nights ago, I revisited one of my favorite movies, This Filthy World. It’s not a movie in the conventional sense; it’s basically a stand-up concert film from a tour of colleges and theaters that Waters did 5ish years ago. It’s ostensibly a lecture about Waters’ films–and he does talk about them–but has an element of theater (it has a set) and meanders like stand-up comedy.
I would imagine that this film is only entertaining if one of these things are true: you love John Waters’ movies and are interested in hearing about his influences, his early films, and what it was like working with Divine; or you revel in filth, love hearing people talk about filthy things, and laugh out loud at the idea of “a watery load from Michael Jackson’s flaccid, polka-dotted dick.” Or both.

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