Ate cereal, drove to work. When I got in, I found out that nobody had picked up the van I needed for later in the day, which was fine because I was bingeing on InvisibiliaI have mixed feelings about the show. It’s well reported and crafted, but I can’t stand the Radiolab-inspired, “we’re just two brainy gals putting on a show because, gosh darn it, we just have so many questions” tone to the show.
The rest of the morning passed. I paid bills and sent out emails about things I’m working on. Basically attended to accounts.
In the afternoon, I got a group of kids together to get their teeth looked at and assessed for a day of free dental work that’s coming up. The weather was pretty bad, and the vans that we use can be…difficult in good conditions, so I wasn’t thrilled about being on the road. It’s been really windy and wet, and the Glenn Jackson bridge between Oregon and Washington was particularly scary. We got to the club that was hosting the dental day, and they were pretty shorthanded too so the whole thing was a little crazy. The kids were pretty good, though. That being said, it was still pretty noisy and pretty crazy, so I started having a baby migraine level headache that just kept building as the afternoon turned to evening. By the time all the kids were picked up by their parents and I left to drop off the van and pick up my own car, my head was splitting.
I took the opportunity to stop by a Trader Joes (I’m very sad that there’s not one closer to my house) and got myself a bottle of wine and some food. Once I got some food, some water, and some blissful silence, I felt a lot better, even though my head still hurt a lot. I tried to get some preparation done for my Shakespeare thing next week: I read a few pages of As You Like It and watched a few minutes of one of those painful 70’s BBC adaptations that feature great actors, great acting, and miserable everything else. I was finding it really hard to focus on, well, anything, so I decided to say fuck this day and went to sleep at like 10:30.

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