'Meh'st Week Ever – March 8, 2009

I was too conflicted about Watchmen to provide an objective review, and was in too much of a sleep deprivation induced-coma for the next two days to do much blogging. But I know all four of you that read this blog really enjoy my Sunday posts, so here goes. This is what I found on the internet this week.
1. Hamburger Cupcakes
2. Mall Ninjas
These are excerpts from posts by either a delusional 13 year old or an extremely mentally disturbed mall security guard. I think it’s extremely funny, but I must caution you, it’s extremely internet humor-y. You’ll either find it hilarious or a complete waste of time.
3. Henry Makow- A real live 21 Century sexist:
I know it’s probably not good to laugh at this, because there are probably some people out there who take this seriously, but it’s so offensive, I can only chuckle at the extreme crazy that is this man. And what a lonely existence he must live; alone in a world where people believe that men and women are equally capable at any number of professions and that domestic violence should be prevented by the police. Here’s an exerpt:

How can we fight the New World Order?

Let’s begin by reaffirming our distinct male or female identities. Perhaps this personal manifesto from a happily married male frog who finally jumped out of the pot will serve as a reference for some:

The essence of masculinity is power.

Isn’t it obvious? It’s what women respond to. Similarly, men are drawn to vulnerability in women. We want to protect them.

To equalize power is to eliminate sexual distinction. This doesn’t mean that woman are not powerful and effective as women, but not by becoming like men.

Men — steer clear of any sexual relationship where you are not in charge.

4. Amazing Video

I wish I could embed this video on this blog, but WordPress is stupid and restrictive so I have to encourage you to click on the link. It’s a short video about a man who builds a virtual world for his wife, and it has some of the coolest computer graphics I have ever seen, which is more amazing because they are all homemade.

5. Bad Paintings of Barack Obama

I swear it’s not on purpose that every week there’s something about BHO. These are really funny.

obama126. John Fetterman and Braddock, Penn.

This man is John Fetterman:

20090227pp_fetterman_oven_1_500He is the mayor of Braddock, PA, a former steel town that has lost 90% of its population and wealth in the last 25 years. Now, anybody that can afford to leave does as soon as possible, and there are few enough businesses in the community that you can count them on one hand. The median house price is $6,400. Not $64,000. $6,400. Fetterman has been trying a radical new approach, attracting businesses and artists and artisans who want space and low rent to try and revitalize the town. It’s in ideas like this that I betray my age, but everything about this project sounds unbelievably cool and romantic. I’m trying to see if I can persuade my father to buy something there. He’s a general contractor with a tendancy to wander, so I may be able to succeed. Articles about the town found here here and here.

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